Draft Question for upcoming draft

10 slot in a 12 man 1/2 PPR redraft.

Should I go heavy RB first 2 picks Gordon, Mcaffery, Hunt, Cook? Then looking at a WR core with possibly Fitz, Coop?

Option Two is heavy WR. Most likely first two picks are on a couple of the fallowing OBJ, Hopkins, Thomas, Julio. Then my WR 3 looking at Fitz .Possible RB starters Penny, Royce, Lewis, Lynch

Option three is best available. Most likely a mix. one mock was WR: Julio, Fitz, Sanders, Kupp
RB: Gordon, Mixon, Lewis, Coleman

I feel most would choose the normal RB heavy , but I’d be passing on so much WR value and reaching on RB. Will these Rookie RBs give me enough production if I let a top WR core carry my team?

I’d never go in saying “I’ve got to do this”. That said, if you can get a legit RB1 and WR1 in those picks that’s what I’d do. Otherwise you’ll surely be able to get 2 upper echelon WR’s.

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Thanks for the input. Draft went a little different than I expected Nuke and OBJ went 8 & 9. I nabbed Gordon and Thomas for my 1 & 2.


@Obiwan21…very important point. Seems this year more than ever. Too many top dawgs to choose from through the whole first two rounds.
As I mentioned in another post, I think the biggest thing to try to adhere to in the draft is to keep an open mind and keep a close eye on those TIER SHEETS, instead of aiming to go certain positions back to back. A few years ago you could pull that off and be looking good. Not so much anymore.

@Jmart51…I wouldn’t be the least bit upset with Gordon and Thomas!!!

Good luck this year everybody. I’ve just got a feeling it’s gonna be a year to remember!!!