Draft question in 12 team .5 PPR Keeper League

12 team 1 Keeper .5 PPR. My keeper is Saquon. I’m drafting at the 11 spot so I have the 2nd pick in round 2. In round 2, would you draft Conner over Michael Thomas or Juju knowing you have Saquon? Or would you just take the best available WR in round 2.

I would draft Conner, alot more nice WR you can get later.

Taking Conner is what I was leaning with. This keeper league is one where you lose your 1st round pick. The commish has already said that next year we will add a 2nd keeper so this means whoever I pick in round 2 will likely be my 2nd keeper for next season and I would lose my 2nd round pick. The Commish even said the plans are to move to Dynasty in 2 to 3 years.

That being said I prefer Juju or Michael Thomas long term over Conner. Conner is going to demand a high dollar contract so it could suck if Connor rejects it and goes to another team. But if it’s about winning a championship now, yes I think Conner would be my best bet. Thoughts?