Draft Question: Juju and Diontae?

Did a mock draft today and was lucky enough to snag Juju at 6.12 (seems far fetched). Regardless, when I came up to my 11.1, Diontae Johnson and Ceedee Lamb were both on the board. Is it better to double up on Steeler’s WR’s or to go with the Lamb or some other upside WR (Juedy, Ruggs, Ty Williams, etc.)?

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I’m not a fan of the WR stack. There’s only so many pass attempts per game and owning two of the same team WR’s limits your flexibility.


That’s fair. The general consensus seems to be that one of the two Steeler’s WR will break out this year, but there is argument over who it will be. It’s less to stack both WR to play them both and more to just ensure that I own whoever does break out.

Take whichever is the better value in the draft. There’s no guarantee either breaks out, and no guarantee you can draft either.

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I am anti stack in general, but there are exceptions. In this case, Diontae at the 11.1 is clearly not intended to be a starter. However, if people are right and JuJu is not what many thought (I think he is awesome), then you have the next man up. As well, considering the buzz that they might ship JuJu next season, you have a guy who might be the new WR1 there. That is not bad, but you know you have to sit on him.

Ceedee is where I would go, though. I think he is going to be a monster and has pairing with a young stud QB. I suspect he’s going to be the WR1 there sooner than later and Cooper is out. Might be bold, but I think Cooper is the WR3 on that team behind Gallup as well.

While this year might be tough for either guy, drafting them is a look to 2021. Particularly with how weird this off season is shaping up. But even looking to the future, IMHO it’s Ceedee by a mile.

I know this is a mock and not real. To be honest, it would be surprising if a real draft followed a mock. People are to compulsive and a computer follows algorithms. If you want either of those guys, you might have to take them sooner. Particularly Ceedee. As @morestagedives notes, neither are guaranteed but round 9 or later you start swinging for the fences!

Just my thoughts, but I hope they help!