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Draft question


Dynasty 16 team IDP rookie draft going on. 17 picks before my final pick. Screwy scoring but, -1 for penalties, -7 for turnovers, PPR doesn’t start till 7 rec. but 1 pt per 1st down.

Thinking of taking a TE if one or more of these makes it to me.
How would you rank them for long term, not thinking about this year?

Jake Butt
Jonnu Smith
Bucky Hodges

Current TEs= C.Brate- D.Njoku- C.Uzomah- N.Boyle

other options still on the board=
Westbrook, Ford,
Hood, Hill
Peterman, Webb, Kelly (is a superflex, is any of these guys productive starters eventually?)

Thx for your insight


Peterman is most likely QB to see time this season, but the highest upside there is Kelly (and if this year does not go well for Pax Lynch, he has path to field in 2018). Outside of Kelly, Smith and Ford may be best skill plays with your pick but you are not in bad shape with TE, and Ford is buried on the depth chart for now.


Bucky just went. Odds are one or both of Butts and Smith will be gone(12 more picks till my last one)

I am pretty good @ WR having Evans, Landry, A-Rob, Shepherd, Humphries, R.Anderson, L.Carroo, J.Grant, G.Allison, and in this draft Godwin and Chad Williams.


What a wait, are you near the back end of the final round? What does your QB set look like?


Near the end of the 6th round and my last pick is 7-11. (8 round draft)

Winston, Tannyhill/Moore, Glennon, Garoppolo.

QBs left are Kaaya, Kelly, Peterman, Webb, and any UDFAs.
Ya think one of these QBs have a decent chance of ever ending up fantasy relevant?

PS- We start a full 11 IDP, 16 team salary cap league. 63 roster spots including 10 "minors"
I feel set @ IDPs. Now just looking for the player with the best odds of NFL success.

Another option may be to trade the pick for a 2018 pick
Whoever I select here will get a 4 year contract for 6Mil total. While 1.5m average is not huge in the grand scheme, they add up(especially if ya have to cut them) A good reason to not to just throw a dart and hope.


If you are willing to sit on Kelly for a year, I think he is the right pick. This year he should be resting, recovering from injury, and learning from the sidelines, but he has the skill set to be a starter in the NFL and, I believe, more upside than any of the other guys you listed. I think Elway recognizes the ability and got a steal taking him as Mr. Irrelevant.
Depending on how you view Paxton Lynch and Trevor Siemian - he has somewhere from a wide open to a mild traffic path ahead of him to get to start once he is healthy so, by next offseason, he could be worth a whole lot more than you’d get in trading your 7.11 pick for a future pick.


Cool, thanks for shooting me your thoughts.
Ya, I didn’t really think anyone here would come in and produce this season. Just wanting the best prospect and QB is a limited position in a 16 team superflex so you can never have too many.
I was worried I was too weak @ TE with OJ possibly stealing Brates numbers and Njoku being a rookie.


The way I’d look at that is, if OJ is going to steal production from Brate in his rookie year then Njoku (with a more consistent track record of passing game production) should make up the difference for you and I honestly like Njoku more for fantasy production than OJ so am still holding my shares of Brate to see how things go (while trying to acquire Njoku if possible).