Draft Rating - Am I Screwed at WR?

Just drafted 9th in my 12 team PPR keeper league with Kamara in the 10th. Everyone went super WR heavy at the beginning (unlike every mock I did) so I ended up with the following team. I feel like I am in trouble with Hill being my #1… Thoughts?

QB: Stafford
RBs: Zeke, Gordon, Kamara, Burkhead, Clement, Buck Allen
WRs: Hill, Tate, Goodwin, Agholor, D.J. Moore, Lockett
TE: Burton

Plus D/ST & Kicker

First off, I’m impressed that you got Zeke, Gordon and Kamara in a 12-team league. How did that happen?

Of your WRs, Tate is very safe, Hill and Goodwin have boom potential, IMO. Also Moore is a possible boom candidate, though that may take a few games if he clicks at all this year.

I think you did pretty well for yourself.

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It helped that Kamara was my keeper from last year. But it was just that everyone went so dense at WR at the beginning that RBs fell to late round first… It was really weird.

Okay, I guess that makes me feel better. Hopefully a few of my boomers become more stable.

Of course once I drafted I realized zeke and gordon have the same bye. ugh

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I’ve been playing around with zero-RB draft strategy, but there’s also a zero-WR strategy and you played it pretty well, I think.

I never think of bye weeks while I’m drafting, but I know some people like to have most of their team out on the same week and they sort of punt that week and play at near full strength the rest of the season.

Yeah, I noticed it in round 4. So, I just made sure I had at least 2 non-week 8 bye RBs.

all in all your Team is fine and i think your RBs can run the show. what are the lineup settings in your league?

For PPR Tate is very solid…if you are think that you get into troubles with your WRs situation or you have to start +2 WRs try to make some moves…Maybe you can get you some Fitz/TY Hilton/D.Thomas who are all nice PPR weapons IMO

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In a word no, no not at all. That’s the kind of team i end up building - though never with Zeke, Gordon and Kamara, well played sir!

I like that you have the big game potential of Hill paired with the PPR consistency of Tate which is good roster construction in my book. Agholor could be a sneaky value if Alshon isn’t right, especially if he’s on the PUP come week1, could be a WR2 there. Like the potential of DJ and Lockett.
At the end of the day Zeke, Gordon and Kamara will give you such a strong baseline each week, especially in PPR Gordon and Kamara are gold, the drop off from top RB play is big and people will be hurting when their lower tier options don’t pan out or give them sub par weeks

Edit - i would say though if you can get another solid RB2/PPR back say and WR for Zeke (anything else if you can) i would entertain that. Martin’s knee will be sore and Fredericks illness news today makes me wonder about the O-Line in Dallas, even with Martin back in without their starting centre they could struggle and you could get a lot for Zeke right now to replace his loss if he performs but if he struggles in patches and against good Ds it could be a championship winning move given what you could get back for him. Just a thought


I like your team. I understand your worry about receivers; you definitely DON’T want to go to war with Hill as your number one. He’ll win you some weeks and then finish with 4 points in others. His end of season totals look great but it’s feast or famine with him, the feasts being more rare.

While I wouldn’t say you’re ‘screwed,’ with that stable of backs, you could swing a trade for an upgrade at wideout.

Target a team that is the opposite of yours: somewhat thin at RB with an impressive stable of top receivers. There’s bound to be one or two since the draft went receiver heavy.

Don’t settle for a slight upgrade. You’re not desperate and you hold some SERIOUS RB capital.

Good luck!

I’m completely fine with Hill as my one if I have a stable #2 and 3 top 7 RBs. I love this team.

I absolutely would not do this.

Completely depends on the offer surely, if you have a stud WR coming back and by RB2 i’m thinking the Cook and Howard’s of the world you have to consider. However as i found when i was getting offers for Zeke a few weeks back it’s almost impossible to get the value you would be happy with. But as i said i’d always entertain offers for any player doesn’t mean i would do the deal. Only an observation as Dallas without a full strength O-Line could be a different beast, especially with how Dak and the WRs have looked

Thanks for the insight. I like the idea of packaging Zeke out for a bit of WR depth and the upside of a pass catching RB. I’ll take a look at my opponents.

Not at all. Look at it this way: you’ll likely have Zeke, Gordon, Kamara on a weekly basis at both RB spots and flex. Golden Tate will give you enough of a solid baseline that you should survive any bust weeks Hill might give you & will likely be sitting pretty on his boom games. I like this team & I like that you even have the safety net of Rex Burkhead. And if you’re desperate mid-season it’s a lot easier to trade for WR than it would be for RB.


Thanks! It was weird draft to say the least to get Zeke at the 9th spot. I had to double check there was no injury news or something I missed.

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No worries, just to be clear that i didn’t mean sell Zeke down i had offers of Michael Thomas and either Cook/CMC and Duke in one of my leagues so you are talking WR1, low-end RB1/high-endRB2 and a depth guy. Just as a point of reference, also it was half PPR not full but that’s the ball park i was thinking

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Yes, I hear what you are saying. I appreciate the advice!

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Your team is phenominal. Most people over value WRs in PPR but it actually just raises the overall level making more WRs viable in any given week. Basically it increases RB scarcity so having them should suit you well. Also your RBs are pretty receiving heavy (I think Zeke will get more receptions this year). Hill Tate and Goodwin should be a solid starting three. Do you have a flex or is it 3WR starting. If it’s a flex your team is unreal.

It’s flex not 3 WR. I was hoping to grab a final upside WR in the last few rounds but ran out of roster spots allowed for WR which caps at 6.

Just keep in mind that 8 of Hill’s games and 9 of Tate’s last year were for seven points or fewer in standard scoring.

So, yeah, Hill can explode and win you a week (he scored above 14 points three times). But no,he and Tate are not enough at WR, especially while Burkhead is just rotting on your bench. You want to optimize your capital. You did a great job of amassing it by going bpa in your draft. Now you owe it to yourself to upgrade at wr.

This is far from the truth and a common misconception. Tate actually busts in about 40% of his games in ppr scoring, which is his strength. Hill is also a very boom bust receiver. Do you have the best receivers? No. Does it matter? Hell no. You have Zeke, Kamara and Gordon.

Kamara is basically a WR/RB hybrid. Those 3 right there will offer you a weekly floor that will be unrivaled by other teams in your league unless someone else has 2 of the remaining top 3 RBs. Even then, you’re ceiling will still be higher than them.

You have the team composition that allows you to support having Hill as your WR1. Honestly, I wouldn’t be worried at all and would be comfortable going into the season with your roster.

I have been a strong advocate of the zero RB strategy but that has been largely based on the concept of zigging when others zag to get the most value. Clearly in your draft, RB is where the value was so going zero WR was the smart thing to do.

I see at least a deep playoff run for you this season if not a championship. Happy hunting.

Edit: Never let bye weeks impact your drafting decisions. That is for suckers. I just let bye weeks fall where they fall and work my waiver wires. I’d much rather have all my byes of studs land on the same week than have it all spread out anyways.

Edit: @James89 There is zero percent chance I’m selling zeke for a PPR RB2 and a WR. That would be a negative EV play. The trade you outlined later is completely different then what you said before. If I got an offer of MT + CMC + Duke, obviously you would take that. CMC in PPR is a top 10 RB floor. MT in PPR is a top 8 WR. Duke is an RB2 with low end RB1 upside. You would be getting an RB1, WR1, and RB2. Obviously if you got a ludacris offer like that, you would take it.