Draft Rating help me out foot clan

Rate my team it’s a full PPR. QB: Drew Brees RB1: Miles Sanders RB2: Mark Engram. WR1: Chris Godwin WR2: Dj Moore TE: Hayden Hurst Flex: Robert Woods. I have Kareem Hunt on my bench along with Marquise Brown, Antonio Gibson and Alexander Mattison


Honestly you did well. Was this 12 team?

I’m hoping Sanders isn’t really hurt but players on his team keep going down and lost a key offensive lineman. Additionally, when and if JK Dobbins takes over as the RB1 in Baltimore. Lots of questions in your RB corps. Your WR’s look very solid!

Hopefully for your team, Gibson has a big PPR role this year!

Can you start looking at offering trading Mattison to the Cook owner for another RB?

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That’s a good idea with the Mattison trade I’ll see. But yes this was a 12 team league and it looks like Gibson is primed for a bigger role now that Peterson got cut

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I agree with @richmonDOC. Your weakest spot is your RB depth. Exploring a Mattison trade is a good idea.

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I just sent out a bunch of trades I’m trying to package him with Djax