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2nd Pick: 10 Team Half PPR League Draft Results

Tell me how I did

QB- Wilson
RB- Gurley
RB- D. Freeman
WR- K. Allen
WR- D.Baldwin
FLEX- C.Davis
BEN- Ingram
BEN- A.Jones
BEN- Edelman
BEN- Burkhead
BEN- R.Anderson
BEN- M.Williams (LAC)
BEN- B.Powell

Very, very nice. Hard for me to believe you were able to get both Allen and Freeman.

Very solid draft. Freeman in the 3rd is pretty insane value.

You’re very thin at WR but have great depth at RB so when injuries inevitably happen, you’ll be able to capitalize on trades.

I’m pretty worried about Baldwin. I think the injury could be worse than they playing it off to be. Not sure how many weeks he’ll be out and whether or not he will be good if he plays. You’re banking on a breakout from Davis or Williams to fill that.