Draft Results Half point PPR*How does it look*

Had my draft last night and this is my team would love feedback on changes you would have made or done different or if i should drop anyone I got pick 5 in a 10 man half point ppr (in order by round)

  1. S. Barkley
  2. M. Thomas
  3. D. Adams
  4. Z.Ertz
  5. C.Hogan
  6. K.Drake
  7. M.Goodwin
  8. R.Burkhead
  9. C.Wentz
  10. N.Agholor
  11. Min Def
  12. C.Carson
  13. T.Cohen
  14. K.Cole
  15. S.Janikowski

not bad at all WR\TE . Next time don’t bother taking a kicker and hold another player. Can always drop em once you get closer to week 1.

personally if I do take a rookie first pick I back up my second pick with another RB.

Barkley\Drake\burkhead as your core

myself, I would not be satisfied with the risk.

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I agree with this synopsis

your was are solid but I am not pumped about the running backs. That is a lot of risk for all of your starting rbs with Carson possibly loosing the job as the season progresses, Cohen being better in full ppr, and burkhead being a part (and in my opinion less talented part) of a running back rotation.

I would try and pair Cole with bulkhead for a better rb. possibly collins or maybe penny (plus something) and cover the Seahawks backfield.

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