Draft results in - no such thing as too stacked right?

So the first two rounds got a bit hairy and QBs came of the board, to the tune of 5. Unexpected and of course blew the draft wide open. My team is below, I’m looking at waivers Aaron Jones and Wilkins are the best upside looking RBs and WR wise Keelan Cole/Dede, DJ Moore, Ross, Washington, Doctson, Hurns and Gallup, Lockett and Allison are the best there. Is it worth dropping Stills for any of these? I dont love MIA this year and leaving upside RBs there or possible starting WRs on better teams pains me slightly - advice appreciated!

QB - Cam
RB - Gordon, Fournette, Henry, Coleman, Clement, Kerryon
WR - Baldwin, Gordon, Davis, Robinson, Stills
TE - Reed (until injured)
K - Prater
DST - Saints

A-/B+. Playoffs easy. And yeah reed is hilarious like that.

Lot of risk in your WR core.

Baldwin scares me cause I don’t know how bad the injury is and I can’t trust a single thing coming out of seahawks camp. Gordon is self explanatory. Davis I love but also lot of question marks. Robinson same story. Scares me mainly cause Trubisky is pretty bad at throwing outside the numbers and there’s a lot of guys fighting for red zone targets in that offense.

I don’t really like stills because making start-sit decisions with him is an absolute nightmare. Sure he may end the year as WR2 but you’re definitely not starting him everyweek and you’re just as likely to sit him for a blow up week as you are to start him. I typically just don’t like having guys like that on my roster. Having said that, I wouldn’t really drop him for any of the guys you listed above. DJ Moore is awesome but don’t see him producing this year as the 3rd target in a mediocre offense from a bad passing QB. Also, i wouldn’t want to stack Moore and Cam at all.

I like Keelan Cole, i’ve planted my flag in his camp for a while now but there’s a strong chance Dez gets signed there now that lee is injured.

Like Ross but Dalton can’t support 2 starting calibur WRs.

Would love doctson if he was healthy.

Only one I might consider is maybe Gallup or Hurns cause they would at least be the top guy in the offense and command 90-100 targets. But even stills will have that. So i’d rather just wait for stills to blow up, then try and trade him in a package for an upgrade at WR.

Agree with the risky WRs, it sort of just fell that way with upside risk vs taking safer but much lower ceiling guys.

As it’s standard I wasn’t as concerned as you would be in PPR formats. There are some extremely RB needy teams in the league though so even if I end up worst case and the for main guys let me down I can find onnthe wire and trade if needed. A lot is resting on Baldwin really, if he’s good to go he can be the stable guy and may have to matchup the rest or find more rotation guys.

Yeah I was of the same mind and had Stills vs a few of those names and rostered him with the same thinking, just see what’s what after a week or two. He was the second to last pick so he’s not a painful drop

Oh totally missed this was standard. Yeah that changes thing a bit. Definitely riding on Baldwin.

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Looks like a solid roster to me

Just noticed Mike Williams is on the wire, didn’t realise he went undrafted would you drop Still for him?

Also on the TE any interest in swapping reed for a safe option or just roll him out until he gets hurt like normal?
TE Waiver Options: Cook, Howard, Watson, Davis, Gesicki, Hurst, Brate, Green

I love reed. My TE strat has been Gronk or bust and when I bust, I target Reed in the late double digits. Otherwise, I don’t even draft TEs and just stream.

I’d just keep Reed till he gets injurred. Then drop him for another.