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Draft Results


My league had a super late draft tonight. Our league is 10 team 1/2 point PPR. I wanted to post my draft results here and get thoughts from the Foot Clan. I listen to the podcast daily and based my picks off of the ballers advice. However, I feel nervous about the season. I feel good about my WR choices but not as much with my RB’s. Should I be concerned with this season? Is this a decent draft?

QB - Andy Dalton
RB - Isaiah Crowell, CJ Anderson, Kareem Hunt, Mark Ingram, Terrance West
WR - Julio Jones, Jordy Nelson, Michael Crabtree, Stefon Diggs, Jeremy Maclin
TE - Zach Ertz
D/ST - Cardinals
K - Matt Prater


Na youre fine. I’m not in love with the cj pick, but getting hunt solidified your starters. Crowell and hunt should both be high rb2s. Then you are golden at wr. Only problem i could see, is it being a 10 man everyone should be pretty stacked, so you could still lose some close ones. But jordy and julio should carry you a lot. How you got both of them, with hunt and crowell is beyond me though. Good draft.