Draft Review 8 team .5 PPR and a trade

I was a little bummed Yahoo gave me a C+ draft grade, but whatever. I have a pending trade where I’m giving up Carson Wentz and James White for Rogers. Figured Rogers is the safer pick, and I’m improving my starting lineup while giving up just a backup.

Opinions? What should I look to improve? Weird format we play QB1, WR1, WR2, WR3, RB1, RB2, RB3, TE, Flex, K, D

QB: Carson Wentz, Tom Brady
WR: OBJ, Edelman, R Woods, Alshon Jeffery, Will Fuller
RB: Christian McCaffrey, Todd Gurley, Marlon Mack, David Montgomery, Kenyon Drake, James White
TE: Evan Engram
K: Gostkoski
Def: Baltimore

Is Rodgers the safer pick? Wentz has the best weapons he’s ever had. Rodgers has a new offense this year. I’d keep White especially in a ppr league

Also who cares about platform grades. It’s all about in season transactions

I would honestly be trying to trade some of ur QBs to get some better players. It is just one qb and believe some might be willing to give up something decent for them

Well the UDK has Rogers #3 and Wentz #5 but I do like wentz for the upside… that’s why I drafter him. But he has durability concerns (not that rogers doesn’t)

Difference between 5 and 3 with QBs isn’t that much and plus u may be able to use Rodgers name to get a good player in a trade

If Wentz gets hurt then just stream the position.

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What position do you think needs the most help that is worth trading one of my QBs for? Brady was a very late round pick (8 team league) I was only going to carry QB1 but snagged him since he was available

the only spot you might want to upgrade is your WR2 or TE. QB, Def, and K can be streamed in an 8 person league.

You look solid at RB and Flex

Solid input thanks, with 8 teams I’ll see if maybe I can bundle a bench player and wr3/4 to firm up wr2. Plenty of meat on the bone with the waiver wire for bench guys imo

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