Draft scenario via trading your 1st/2nd/3rd

Thoughts on trading your 2nd + 3rd round picks for another 1st or vice-versa. So basically you’d either draft twice in the first round and then not again until the 4th or you would draft twice in the 2nd and twice in the 3rd.

I would prefer the 2 2’s and 2 3’s than 2 1’s. I find that most of the time a first round talent can slip into the second round. If that happens you can absolutely dominate the front half of the draft. Not to mention you would have much better depth going into the second half of the draft, which would enable you to reach for certain guys you normally wouldn’t be able to.

Plus injuries are inevitable, the more quality guys you can lock up the better you’ll be in the long run, not to mention extra trade chips for the future.

Assuming this is just a redraft question, I would rather have the have the 2nd and 3rds over the 1st and 4ths. If this is a dynasty question with rookie picks, definitely the two 1sts and 4ths