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Draft selection


Ok so I’m in a 12 team, 1/2 point ppr league with 2 keepers. I have David Johnson and Demarco Murray. With Murray age getting up there id like to solidify having a 2nd keeper for next year in this years draft. I have the 2nd overall pick this year and I was thinking about getting mccaffery or Michael Thomas. Fournette is going number one overall. My league drafts RBs early every single year and a lot are already being kept. Would u draft Michael Thomas whom may be great for a couple more years with Bree’s but Bree’s is getting older and there will be a change in qb soon. Plus I like the value of Snead later in the draft. Where mccaffery is young and can be a huge part of that Carolina offense maybe now and in years to
Come. Other players in consideration included Howard (maybe) depending on when keepers are declared, Marshawn, Crowell and Doug Baldwin. Lmk what u think! Thanx :grin::call_me_hand:t3: