DRAFT Slow Draft Question

I’m in a slow draft and have the second pick in snake draft. I picked Lev Bell and AJ Green at 2.11. I had a hard time passing on Mckinnion at 2.11, if he’s there still at 3.2, should I take him or a wr like Fitz, Thelin or Cooper?

Depends on starting roster requirements and scoring format??

It’s a DRAFT best ball team so DRAFT makes best lineup. It’s a .5 ppr league.

Sure take mckinnon at 3.2 if you like him… If not I like cooper, fitz, thielen in best ball

Personally, I wouldn’t take McKinnon until somewhere in the 50s, but if you’re confident in him, go for it. I’d take Cooper if he’s there 10 out if 10 times.