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Draft Strat #6 Pick - 12 Team Standard


We have a draft coming up…I have the 6th pick snake draft, our league has a 16 round draft with limits within those 16 picks you must draft:
2 QB
4 RB
4 WR
2 TE
2 D/ST
Then we have a 3 round supplemental draft, my question is who would you take at 6 and in what order, McCoy, Julio, Beckham, Freeman, Jordy? Or what kind of strat would you approach this with RB heavy, WR heavy, balanced? Any input is appreciated…our RBs and WRs are scored the same…6 pt TD and 1 pt per 10 yards.
Thanks in advance


Julio, McCoy, ODB, Freeman, Jordy. Go with the best player available in the first 3 rounds, then after that make sure you’re constructing a good roster. In the first 3 rounds though it’s important to be taking the best players available because there the most important rounds with the most talent. I would at least make sure you’re going 2rbs-1wr or 2wr-1rb. If Gronk drops to you or something in round 3 then take him sometimes you just take the best guy available no matter what. Do some mocks


I would go Julio, McCoy, Jordy, Beckham, Freeman, in that order. Putting ODB back as I think B Marshall will take several red zone chances away. These players you noted are a projection of who will be available after the first 5 players are selected?
Agree with Volcano - too many variables to consider once you get past 1st round but filling your roster with BPA is the best choice. I would take some chances in the mid rounds (7-10) with rookies or unproven 2 year guys but mock drafts will give you an idea of where to expect these players to fall