Draft Strategy | 12-team, standard, 2 keeper

12-team, standard, 2 keeper league. Drafting 8th (see draft board attached). Thoughts on who to take at 1.08 and 2.05? Thanks.

There are many schools of thought here, but my favorite strategy is always to take the best player available with each and every one of your picks. I would especially follow this strategy in the first couple of rounds.

You’re probly looking at something like Najee Harris in the first and then Mixon or Hopkins five picks later, but you’ll just have to see who falls to you.

Thanks. I’ve been going back and forth on Najee/Mixon and Jefferson at 1.08. RB is incredibly thin because everyone kept their studs. I think I’ll have to go Najee/Mixon at 1.08 and back that up with BPA, most-likely a WR. The thought of taking Waller or Kittle in round 2 has also crossed my mind.