Draft strategy - 3 WR and 2 flex

Draft is tonight! The format is half ppr.

8 team - picking a 5th overall.

1 QB, 3 WR, 2 RB and 2 Flex.

What strategy or advice do you guys have? I’m debating going RB heavy early and just load up my RB and flex spots with studs… but the 3 WR spot makes me think twice. Thoughts?

It’s tempting, but what pick do you have? If you have a top 4 pick I take my stud RB there and then wait to see whats available, someone like AJ Green which is a nice WR 1 in my eyes. That’s if it’s a 12 team league. If I have a late pick I like taking someone like OBJ and then stacking with Hopkins. If Hopkins isn’t there I love someone like CMC personally in any PPR format.

Biggest thing… Don’t have a forced strategy before the draft. Still take the best available player and construct the best roster for you.

But saying that… With 2 flexs you want to start RB if possible in those spots

I’d lean RB, WR or RB RB with my first two picks prob and then take the best available after that…

I would def love to target Collins, kerryon, Carson and any other later RBs that would be nice flex fills…

But don’t stress about 3 WR There is tons of talent deep in drafts at WR

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Thanks! It’s definitely tempting. And yes, one thing I left out is it’s an 8 team league!! So plenty of WR depth to be had In the later rounds. I draft in the 5th spot so AB, Kamara and Saquon should be there. Zeke or DJ might fall… and if they do, I won’t think twice.

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Oh for sure, I would lean Brown at 5 assuming they don’t drop. With that said I absolutely love Gordon too. I would personally go AB, then OBJ/Julio and then go RB. You will have AB, OBJ/Julio, and someone like Howard or Mixon. Then you are looking Diggs/Theilen. I really like the way that team looks in my eyes and then try to load up on Freemen, K Johnson and other high upside guys. Ajayi fits that mold as well.


Yup, that’s one option, for sure! I’ve debated that. The other option is loading up on RB with Zeke, CMC, Freeman, and Howard for example. Those guys would never leave my lineup and I’d stock up on high upside WRs like Juju, Landry, Davis, Crowder, etc.


Def an option. I always like having 1 stud WR personally to lean on so at least I know for sure that he is in the lineup every week.

I think I do as well, @foxlvstrng. I could always go RB, stud WR, and then RB again. Lots of options!

@foxlvstrng @Fr0sty11 how do you guys feel about skipping kicker and defense to draft additional depth until week 1?

I freaking love to do that if your league allows you… If you only skip one position skip kicker and draft a defence but if you can skip both I do that to let the preseason shake out before week 1

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I agree with the kicker. I took kickers out of my league all together for that reason