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Bonjour Ladies and Fellas

I got the #7 pick in my .5 PPR 10 Team League… As we all know its basically the spot to start picking Top WRs…

Roster is basic 1,2,2,1TE,1 flex

My question is would it be insane to do WR/WR (Say a combo like Adams/Hopkins with JuJu/Tyreek/Evans/Allen) to start the draft and roll with guys like Henry, D. Freeman, Jacobs, Montgomery or a potential RB that slips as my RBs for the season?

My league mates are extremely inexperienced at Fantasy football and wont really have the sleeper/breakout player knowledge I do so i’m banking on a bargain or 2 in the draft if that helps your answer…

Thanx FootClan

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I would personnaly feel confident with freeman and montgomery has my RB1 and RB2

If you are confident in the inexperience of your competition, I think you will still be able to pick up some RBs in the mid-to-late rounds. Kerryon Johnson should still be there in round 3. But if the Big 4 RBs slip to you at 7, you have to take them. (Big 4 being Barkley, McCaffrey, Kamara & Zeke). Otherwise, Hopkins and JuJu would be a dream. Stack that with Kerryon and another one of the RBs you mentioned and they might as well hand you the trophy then! Good luck!

There’s nothing wrong with going WR/WR in 1 and 2, esp. in a 10 team .5 PPR league with newbies.

But I will say this: newbies do frustratingly weird outside-the-box things that can foil the best laid plans because they’re so unpredictable.

If I were you, I would just proceed as usual. Mock from your spot and don’t always take the same players, then map out a general plan for the draft.

THEN…when the draft comes, BE FLEXIBLE. You never know what these noobs can do and you don’t want to be caught without a backup plan when it’s round 4 and the noob picking right before you snags the guy you were hoping would be there in round 6.

As Andy, Jason, and Mike say…be water.

Good luck!

nope, never insane to go with the best players available. i have done a few or (or 100) mocks this season, and one thing i have noticed is basically what you said. if im pick 7 or later, im pretty much going WR WR to start. not always, sometimes RBs i want fall. if you watched or listened to the ballers celebrity draft, Juju actually does this and so do the ballers. Jujus team was insane, and he started off with Hopkins and Adams. killer combo. then he found his value later and built what looks to be an unstoppable team with fournette and montgomery as his main 2 starters.