Draft strategy after studs are gone

Hey Footclan, I’m looking for a little guidance in the late round. After locking down 4 each RBs and WRs, 2 TE and a rock thrower do y’all prefer to draft the boom/bust guy of highest overall value or spend extra attention on shoring up the weakest positions? For example… I picked up M.Gordon, S Barkley, J. McKinnon, M. Ingram and K Johnson as my RBs with Fitz, A Robinson, Crabtree and W. Fuller as my pass catchers. Do I draft a player like J Williams or C. Meredith who have talent and are back ups in a good offense, go with someone like M Lee or K Benjamin who are not as skilled, on a bad team but also seem to be the number one option or just skip the depth at RB/WR and take a 3rd bad TE? In standard NFL10s

I hate to give the cookie cutter answer of “it depends on the makeup of your team,” but I really think it holds true. With your example, I look at Barkley Gordon as relatively high floor with McKinnon having a little more risk and a higher floor and then Ingram is another high floor low ceiling guy imo. Johnson is low floor high ceiling. So I’d be more likely to look for RB with high upside or boom/bust guys (like Super Kamario last year)

Wide receivers I think fitz is a high floor low ceiling. But then ARob, Crabtree, and Fuller all have some inherent risk so my strategy would be to try to shore up the WRs with guys like Robby Anderson, Kupp, or Crowder.

All of that said, I’ve never done the MFL10s, but I don’t think I would go for 3 TEs either.