Draft Strategy at 10 of 12

Hey all, I got the UDK recently and have 2 drafts this weekend. In both of them, I’m in later rounds. The more important one I’m #10 in order out of 12.

One is 1QB 2RB 2WR 1TE 1FLEX 1DEF 1K and 7 Bench
The more important one is 1QB 2 RB 2WR 1TE 2Flex 1Def 1K and 6 Bench (2 IR)

Was wondering what where I can study up on draft strategy? I’m so confused and see so many options (Zero RB as an example), that I don’t feel comfortable. Would like to hear thoughts on good strategies at this position in the draft

Don’t go zero RB.
Definitely MOCK DRAFT! Try different things when you mock like early RB’s, early WR, or RB and WR mix. See what you like best.
I’ve found a lot of value at the RB RB sat 1.10 and 2.02. Personally.
There is a lot of wr to grab that are serviceable in the middle rounds

When drafting late, go ZeroRB. But if you read my guide this year, it warns against going pure ZeroRB. it’s more of a modified ZeroRB approach. Linked below:


I was in your same position and I when stud WR in round 1, usually Adams or Juilio when I mocked, in the actual draft I got Adams.
Then at 2 I’d grab someone like Bell, if he falls, and there’s usually someone like Connor or Mixon who’s a back end rb 1. 3 and 4 indid best player available and used 5 to pick up Engram or OJ Howard.

I know it probably won’t go exactly like this. But in a lot of cases it did in mocks and it worked pretty closely to this in the actual draft.

This left me with a pretty balanced team. The back half is a tough spot and I hope this strategy helped some!

Hey Mike, digged this write up. I’m close with the guy who is picking #12, so he gets back to back picks. My issue now is he has shown his hand and is strongly considering going back to back WR as well.

If he does, do I go Wr-RB before the talent depletes?

I mean even when I implement this draft, I expect the 11/12 to grab some WRs if they smart. Like I said at the beginning of this post, never lock yourself into a strategy before seeing the draft fall. I typically end up doing ZeroRB from late position because that’s how the draft falls to me. If all the WRs I mentioned from those first 2 tiers are gone, then feel free to pivot to RB. In my experience though, if picking from the 10, I’ve rarely seen a case when I haven’t been able to get 2 WRs i really liked. And in the instances where that does happen, that would mean a stud RB would’ve fallen to you at value. I.e. someone like James Conner or Nick Chubb who I would happily take in the 2nd as well.

Also, even though you think you’re close with someone, I wouldn’t take what they say at their word. They could be lying or they could change their mind last second. It happens all the time so trying to base your own strategy off what they told you they think they might do is a waste of time.