Draft Strategy, Did I do the right thing?

So I got to select my position I could have selected anywhere from 6-12. I get to Keep JuJu for a 3rd, Sony for a 6th, and Kenny G for a 10th. It is a 0.5 PPR league and I decided to draft on the turn. My reasoning is that I want to solidify my team with studs quicky and the long wait between Round 2 and Round 3 is alleviate with JuJu.

So did I do the wise thing or should I have gone 6th to try and sure up one of the top WRs (or a RB if they fell?) Also, should I be looking at going RB/WR at the turn or taking the top 2 players regardless of position?

As a note, Kamara is a keeper so that shakes things up some, but I expect the rest of the first round to shake out normal so I am looking at potentially Chubb, Cooke and maybe Gurley as RBs and OBJ, Hill, and maybe Michael Thomas as WRs

I love the turn and with JuJu in the bank I think you could do very well there.

Don’t worry about reaching with the long break between your two picks, just target the two guys you like most that will never make it back to you unless you pick them right now, or look at guys that fall to you with higher adp.