DRAFT STRATEGY for a 3 WR, 2 FLEX league!

So one of the leagues im in is a 3 WR and 2 flex league. Was just curious how u guys would draft different based on this. Its a 12 team league and I will be drafting from the 9th spot as a reference.

Would you consider Zero rb and take Kelce and load up Wrs?

Any advice helps

If it’s PPR you want to focus on flexing WRs; if it’s not, you want to focus on flexing RBs. The former is a lot easier to pull off, given that it’s easier to get 5 good WRs in a draft than it is to get 4 good RBs.

But no, I’m probly not going zero RB. In most cases, I’d still start out RB/RB and get a third RB in a couple three rounds, filling in WRs in the other rounds, and just waiting a couple of WRs and maybe 1 RB longer before I start thinking about my TEs and QBs.