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Draft Strategy for Dynasty Startup


Oh FF wizards, I’m looking for your thoughts on how you would play this…

I have my Dynasty Startup draft coming up.

-Standard scoring.

-Team compositions of;


All the dynasty talk I see is high on WRs (because their lifespan is longer than RBs), but I’m sure most formats that I’v seen these rankings is for .5PR or Full PPR.

As its standard though I’m leaning with going RB heavy at the start, grabbing at least 4 awesome backs, and then swinging back round for the WR’s.

I will be using my own tier based system so I try not to spend over the odds on a certain position…

What would your strategy be for this draft?


I would want to target 4 RBs in the first 6 rounds to make sure you had enough quality depth.


Yeah I agree. Go with two studs then two young guys, Michel for example(then again he’s 23 I think). WRs will always be there.


Those flex positions totally favor RBs. I remember the pros on the podcast last year warning of the large dropoff from RB2s to really unreliable RBs. So you can probably draft 2-3 good RBs, but after that I’d switch to WRs. In the unreliable RB range, go young like Tarik Cohen and guys in his class.

I’d take a QB late. The good TEs right now are so in the latter stages of their careers, Gronk and Kelce are really the only ones worth taking high. Otherwise don’t go TE until late, and take a flyer on young dudes like Njoku or Seals Jones.

Don’t even draft a kicker, just do a FA between draft and season.


WRs are still valuable. Especially when in a standard everyone ends up doing what you are talking about. My advice is always the same. Go into it with three different plans. Then adjust your plan as you see what happens around you. Dont force the picks just because you want a ton of good backs. So you have the right idea in sticking to your tier based strategy. Just stay water. :slight_smile:


I agree with @BusterD. You don’t want to commit to one strategy and feel obligated to take reach on a player because that’s the position you’re ‘supposed to take’. For me, age and positional longevity are tie breakers only. I’m not taking Michael Thomas over Zeke because Zeke is in a higher tier for me. However, I will take Beckham over Zeke because they’re are in roughly the same Tier (legitimate generational talents), and Beckham likely has more elite years left. Hope that helps.


In fantasy football, as it is with baseball – the tie goes to the runner. That’s my only real strategy. I’ll always lean RB, but don’t be afraid to pull on a WR if they fall. I drafted Lev Bell, McCaffrey, and Mixon in the first 3 rounds in my startup last year and missed the playoffs from a shaky WR corps. Balance matters!


If you follow tiers, you’ll get a balanced roster.