Draft Strategy from 7 spot

In a 12 team full PPR league, I’m at the 7th spot. I’d be happy with any of the following 6 (CMC, Cook, Kamara, Zeke, Henry, Aaron Jones). If all are gone, I’m not sure if I should pull the plug on Ekeler or if I should start looking at Davonte or Kelce.

I really like Ekeler this year and would not be opposed to grabbing him at 7. So much so that I have done it myself in one of my leagues this year. Nobody would fault you for grabbing Kelce or Adams either. I have seen Kelce go as high as 6 and Adams 2nd (I would never!!). With that said my vote is Ekeler.

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I just finished a draft in the same position. Every RB you mentioned went right off the board in front of me. It made me tilt first round. I ended up going Adam’s in round 1 then went Mixon and Montgomery in next two rounds. I honestly think my team is better balanced after doing it. Still have some descent depth at RB too. Rojo, Edmonds, and Melvin Gordon slipped way way down so it got to a point where i couldn’t pass him up