Draft Strategy Help please

I am in a 12 team keeper league. My keepers are Kamara, OBJ, and D Watson. I have the 1.1 and 1.6 pick in the draft. Wanting draft strategy advice for my two picks. top 8 Available players are:
(it should be noted that I have multiple picks in the first 6 rounds allowing me to fill my roster by round 9 and we are moving from a 3 keeper to 4 keeper league next year).

Top 5 WR available:
J Jones
T Hill
M Evans
A Brown

Top 5 RB available:
J Mixon
D Cook
T Gurley
K Johnson

It may seem obvious but really isn’t depending on strategy. Most likely players at my 6th pick will be Evans, Brown for WR and Gordon K Johnson and maybe even Gurley at RB


Thanks everyone

Some of this depends on when your next pick is after that, but I personally would take Julio Jones and your favorite between the running backs. If any of them fall to you I would for sure take one of those RB’s. There seems to be tons of depth at wide receiver this season and I think taking another one of those guys to pair with Kamara, in addition to having OBJ and Julio Jones would be a fantastic start to any roster.

I traded down to #3 so have #1.1 and 1.3 … I will most likely draft Julio and Cook or Mixon. I would prefer Cook.

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Why not grab Mixon and Cook? You’ll be set at RB having three top 10 backs. You could go for the more balanced approach and take Tyreek and one of them, but I’d rather go with the triple elite RBs and go for WR’s in the mid rounds where there is talent a plenty.