Draft strategy help redraft

Hey Footclan I’m in a home league with my friends that is an 8 man standard redraft(I know 8 man and standard how awful, I’ve tried to convince them to change) anyways I have the 3rd pick this year and I wanted some advice on my first 3 picks.
It’s a 2RB, 2WR, 1Flex league.
My first pick is going to be Zeke(assuming Lev and Gurley go)
My 2nd rounder was going to be Melvin Gordon or Fournette because I know my league does not think highly of them for some reason. For my third pick would it be a bad choice to go RB again such as McKinnon/Cook/Freeman/McCoy?
Thanks footclan!

I like the idea of going into a draft with a strategy. However I don’t typically like to have specific player locked into picks. It prevents you from taking advantage of value that may fall to you. Or even being open to taking advantage of opportunities.

That said, in an 8 team standard league I’d be inclined to hammer on RB early. I think you’re on the right path.

I like Freeman of the candidates you proposed as a 3rd pick. I would also look at Gronk as a potential 3rd round option if he falls to the 3.03 or even the 4.06.


Thank you for the input! I really appreciate it !

Being at #3 gets you locked in to Gurley, Bell, Zeke and DJ who I have ranked in that exact order. From there I feel like since it’s an 8 man league, you’re probably gonna have a chance at a true workhorse in one of those 3 and an elite #1 WR–probably Julio or M. Thomas being at 2.06. Starting with top talent at those 2 positions is never a loss in my opinion and it opens the door for your 3rd round to be best available/best value instead of team composition


in that small of a league, and especially standard, i would roll all RB in the first 3. WR value holds pretty steady while RB drop fast. If you are not getting one of the top WR (OBJ / Brown / Julio) I would just go for RB until round 4. At that point I would make sure to get a WR as you still should have some value there.

I personally would not move on QB or TE anywhere before the 6th so you can lock down 5 great RB/WR options. Being in standard, you can get solid value out of RBs that late for sure over what a TE would provide, but TE can still be safely filled in later.

As noted above, despite having an ‘idea’ on how to draft, ALWAYS play the better man available. That is, if you have a top flight WR slip into the 2nd take it. But I would not put anything beyond WR5 as top flight. Past that IMHO they can level out fairly quickly.

Hope this helps!