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Draft strategy help


I’m fin a 12 team… 5 player keeper league… I draft #9…my keepers are

RB - Gordon
RB - Freeman
WR - Baldwin
WR - Crabtree
WR - Watkins

Remembering round 1 is really round 6 with the 5 keepers, the 1st 8 picks will all most likely be RB’s, WR depth is weak in this draft… top guys would be… Tate, Sanders, Fitz, Cobb, jackson… should I stock bench WR or RB or do i fill out my roster with a starting TE and QB?


That means 60 keepers, wow, probably not a lot of options. You already have a good core of players, two tier 2 RBs and three tier 3 WRs. I don’t particularly like your WR options there. If a good RB falls I’d go with that and honestly I’n not opposed to TE or QB but the elite one’s might be keepers. Hate to say it but maybe going with best available tier at RB/WR and stock piling might be worth it.


if you dont keep someone do you get a “5th round” pick? because i might drop watkins and choose from the pool of players. if watkins is the best option, i shrung, pick him back up, and move on.

as for your question, you are set at starting RB. thats good. what you should do, all depends on what your league mates do. i suggest zagging, when they zigg. so if you are correct and 8 RBs go before you, unless there is somehow still some great RB you want, i stock up on WRs. but maybe you get lucky and a rookie RB you like falls to 9. i do like your core though. its pretty damn solid. just wish you had some more bursty point scorers. what you have is a very consistant core. which is good. just sometimes you need that oomf ya know?