Draft Strategy? help

I am in a 12 team keeper league. My keepers are Kamara, OBJ, and D Watson. I have the 1.1 and 1.6 pick in the draft. Wanting draft strategy advice for my two picks. top 8 Available players are:
(it should be noted that I have multiple picks in the first 6 rounds allowing me to fill my roster by round 9 and we are moving from a 3 keeper to 4 keeper league next year).

Top 4 WR available:
J Jones
T Hill
M Evans
A Brown

Top 4 RB available:
J Mixon
D Cook
T Gurley
K Johnson

It may seem obvious but really isn’t depending on strategy. Most likely players at my 6th pick will be Evans, Brown for WR and Gordon K Johnson and maybe even Gurley at RB


Thanks everyone

I’d look at the other rosters to try and predict what holes they’re going to fill first. If you’re a gambling man and looking at upside I’d go Gurley with 1.1 and then snag Evans or the best WR available at 1.6 if he’s there. If you’re going WR to play it safer then you’d have to grab Julio and compliment him with a RB like Johnson, possibly Cook if you think his injury woes are behind him. If Gurley is still there at that point then he’d be a steal because yes he has a knee injury, but he’s been healthy and can continue to remain healthy the rest of the year. If he does, he will easily be in the top 10 where he belongs. McVay has already stated that their offense will continue to run through Gurley.

Good advice…Recent thoughts have been go RB RB…like gurly then cook or Johnson. I have a 2ed and 2 3rds and deep WRs to get two good WRs

If Jones is there with your first pick I go there then RB. If not and you can get any 2 of those RBS I go that route. Knowing you have multiple picks stacked up in other rounds I probably gamble on Gurley.