Draft Strategy in Tier Based Drafting

Used the ballers for tier based drafting last year for the first time and ran into an issue that i luckily remembered ahead of time for this years draft.

My question has to do with picking the best available player. Tiers are set so that you are encouraged to draft players in higher tiers so that you avoid drafting some people too early.

So, for example, if you used tier based drafting, say that by the middle round you’ve accumulated 5 RBs and 3 WRs. At this point you really feel like you need more WR’s, but based on the tiers there are still 2 RB’s available in the tier above a fresh batch of WR’s. Do you “draft the best available player” and take a RB knowing you’re likely going to miss on a batch of WR’s, or do you drop a tier and take the highest WR.

I’m essentially wondering what’s more important (in the draft, ik things can be fixed and changed via trades and waivers through out the year) drafting the best available player, or filling team needs?

ah, yes this part can be confusing until you think about it in different levels.

level 1: rounds 1-3. these are your best available spots. ill take who ever i think is at the top of each tier, and work around that.

level 2 rounds 4-9: still best aviable, but now you are looking to fill your weak spots. so understanding the team that you have build is crucial at this point because you need depth to help yourself out as much as possible.

level 3 rounds 10-end of draft: this is pure, lets go get guys with high upside or people i believe in. at this point the tier list is kind of a suggestion point. a way for me to see who might go when based on who is left and what other teams are looking like they need. at this point im going for who ever i like and want to gamble on.