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Draft Strategy Question for those that have the UDK


If you’re going to do the tier based drafting…After reviewing each each of the wr profiles in reception perception, looking at the blurbs and the charts for the success by route for each wr, does this have an effect on your draft strategy? Let’s say for example you’re looking at drafting DeAndre Hopkins who is in the tier 1 of receivers, but Stefon Diggs is in a lower tier but scores better in the success by route chart than Hopkins does.

Would your strategy be to still draft Hopkins or would you rather instead draft another position player and draft Diggs in the next round ?

Would you consider your strategy to be draft the wrs with the better scores in success by route chart instead of going by wr tiers and choose other position players by their tiers when you’re not choosing to draft a wr?

Thought this was a good question/conversation starter… something to think about.

Thank You!


Thought about this as well and although I definitely do look at reception perception, I think you need to balance your draft strategy to account for different factors. As you know, in Fantasy, opportunity is king. So just because Diggs runs a few routes better than Hopkins, doesn’t mean the gap between them isn’t still incredibly large. Hopkins is one of the most consistent receivers, who will have the most opportunity as their offense runs through him. Diggs on the other hand, is on a team with a top 3 defense who will likely rely on ground and pound and be very rarely coming from behind. Also, need to consider his injuries.

Long story short, although I rely on reception perception, when it comes to drafts/tiering, I use it as more of a tie breaker to evaluate candidates who I originally placed close together and maybe use it to adjust my rankings that way rather than just relying it solely to completely change my opinion of player.

Hope that helps.


Thanks Man! Yes this does help, some of the things you mentioned… didn’t think about it that way


Another thing to contemplate is that RP is designed to test/measure a WR independent from their team/QB. But we all know that each players situation does have an ultimate impact on production in fantasy. So RP cannot be looked at alone.

Have you watched the Reception Perception 101 video? It helped me give context to some of the RP data.

To your original question, I would not avoid Hopkins to target Diggs. But knowing Diggs can establish separation helps when deciding to draft him at his ADP.