Draft Strategy Question Using The UDK

If I’m looking at the same tier level for both the rb and wr position, and it’s my turn to draft , do I go with who is at the top of the tier for rb or wr, or should I go with if there’s only one player left for that tier and draft that player?

I have a draft later tonight, and I have the 4th pick, let’s say David Johnson is the only rb in the remaining tier 1 and Antonio Brown are on the board. Do I go with David Johnson because he’s the only rb left from the tier 1 or Antonio Brown because he’s at the top of the tier for wr?

Depending on your answer…Do I use the same strategy the rest of the draft for when it comes to choosing a rb or wr ?

Looking forward to your feedback, thank you!

No you don’t have to draft AB in your example…!

You decide on other factors…the formatyou play (ppr, standard,…), your roster, the tendencies of your opponents and so on.
The tiers are just a helping tool. For example all tier1 and tier2 RBs are gone and there are still tier1 WR on the board you should strongly think about drafting a WR. But it always depends on your roster and the picks you made the rounds before!

Personally with the 4th pick I would draft one of the four stud RBs and go from there!

Thanks so much for your help and time!