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Draft Strategy Suggestions


Drafting a 1/2 pt ppr with a Utility Spot in a 12 team Dynasty league (1st year) Looking for advise on draft strategies since I will most likely be starting 2 QBs and it being the initial draft of a dynasty league.


A big one: don’t over value youth - for example a 28 y/o WR who is an established #1 is someone you want -> 3 to 4 years from an elite guy is still excellent in dynasty.

Check out @mpw270 's article on superflex advice https://www.thefantasyfootballers.com/articles/draft-strategies-2-qb-superflex-leagues/


biggest advice i usually give, dont go into the draft with just one plan of attack. sit down and make 3 different strategies. so the first round go with best player available according to your rankings, and then after that see what everyone else is doing, and start to adjust to one of your strategies depending on what that is. lets say you have the first pick, and you go david johnson. then by the time it gets back to you, you see that 8 QBs are gone. obviously at that point i avoid QB until way later. ill take the raw tallent sitting on the board that has slid down to you because of a QB rush. same goes for RB and WR. if it gets back to you and the top 8 WRs are gone, i might just go big on RB. have a stellar backfield and work the mid rounds for your WR core. just some ideas.