Draft Strategy That Actually Works PPR

I’ve picked first before, i’ve picked in the middle of the draft, and i picked last a few times. As much as i practice doing mock drafts and strategize how i’m going to do the draft that year i always end up messing it up. I get nervous and lose it! What can i do to keep my mind focused and what are some good strategy tips that i can use on draft day. Gracias and kick ass footclan! :grin:

Use the tier based cheat sheets and choose the highest rated player from those tiers. If deciding between WR AND RB tiers, look at how many remain
In each of the tiers. Example:if one RBs left in tier 2 and three left in WR TIER 2.
Take the rb. If a one qb,league, wait on qb till at least round 7-9 and kicker and defense till last two rounds.

Good luck


@kizril could not have said it better.
-First of all, if you haven’t gotten one yet, treat yoself and get a UDK. You’ll love it.
-Check out all of the video profiles in the UDK, listen to them at least once
-Do mock drafts on fantasy draft wizard as much as possible, USING THE TIERED CHEATSHEETS IN THE UDK (or if you’re really cool, use what you learned from the podcast and the UDK to make your own tiered cheatsheet)
-Do dozens of mocks (they take like 5 mins on that website) until you learn to go based off of your cheat sheet rather than your brain.

Boom. Learn to be comfortable drafting off a tiered cheatsheet that is reflective of your rankings and you cannot fail.

Two bonus pro tips:
-Go through players you love in later rounds and highlight them on your cheat sheet so you know their ADP is probably coming up soon
-Do a couple mocks CLOSER TO DRAFT DAY on your website you will be doing your draft on. Get used to their rankings, their software, the timed picks and the time in between your picks.

Hope this helped, sorry if it was unorganized haha.


I agree, I try to do a couple mock drafts each week leading up to the draft so you get a feel for who is dropping and who is rising.
I also keep track of how “risky” my early round picks for, so when I get to the late rounds I know which fliers I want to grab.

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You can do a lot more mocks for your time with draft wizard. You know what they say, ‘practice makes perfect’.


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