Draft strategy this week

One of my drafts is this week and I’m thinking going RB heavy with my first 2 picks. Then a WR my next but I’m thinking also going RB then WR then RB

What pick are you? That tends to change how you approach things.

Agreed. Need to know your spot. I’m 12th, so I might go WR/WR depending on who falls to me.

Also is it PPR, half or Standard?

Never go into a draft thinking “I’m going RB RB”. That would be a mistake. Be flexible. Just take whatever value falls to you in those first rounds. Don’t reach in the early rounds, it’s silly. Let others reach with their pre-defined draft strategy and take your value as it falls to you.

Go with the best player available early on and adjust to how the draft is going. Don’t be the first to start a run on a position and don’t be the last to get in on the run.