Draft strategy-Who to pair with David Johnson?

12 team ppr keeper league (1 player, no draft penalty)

I currently have David Johnson and hold the 8th overall pick in the 1st round and draft at the turn for the rest of the draft.

My options seem to be looking like Devonta Freeman, Davante Adams, and AJ Green. I’m having trouble deciding if I want to double up on RB’s early and rely on WR depth at the 3-4 turn, or bank on Davante Adams being the undisputed #1 for Rodgers and potentially lead WRs in TDs (Collins and/or Ajayi should be available at the 3-4 turn). I’m not too high on Green, but he’s on the radar.

Any thoughts or help with draft strategy would be much appreciated!

Freeman for me. Not even that close tbh. Freeman is the most underrated pick this year. He missed like 2.5 last year as atlanta put up their worst offensive season since he started and finished as RB13. Positive reversion to the mean is coming.

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