Draft Strategy with 6th pick (12 team .5ppr)

So I have the 6th pick in my draft of 12 teams. I’m trying to jump up and trade picks with the guy in the 3 spot because I feel like 6 is stuck in no mans land. However, the one positive is that I know the guy at 4 is going to take Kamara which means AB or another top 4 rb will fall to me. WHat strategy do you think would work best at 6 if I can’t get rid of it? What are you thinking if you have the 6th pick in a 12 team?

Should’ve said - I plan on going WR RB WR my first 3 rounds (thinking about taking Freeman, Mixon or Howard round 2, howard and mixon won’t be there in the 3rd but guys like LFItz and Golden Tate will be) After that, I was going to go RB in the 4th and then best player available, all depending on how the board falls of course.

I would be looking for Antonio Brown. He is the clear cut best fantasy receiver out there and is a stud. In the second round, I think you should entertain the idea of Gronk. Pairing him with Brown would give you 2 players that are clear #1 overall at their positions. RB likely in the third and then look rb or wr in rounds 4, 5, 6

How do you feel about going with a Zero RB strategy? If AB falls to you at 6 and you can pair him with, say Michael Thomas, Davante Adams, or Keenan Allen (one of them SHOULD be there in the 2nd round) you’d have an advantage at that position over every team in your league. There’s some excellent value emerging in the middle rounds at RB with guys like Freeman and Kerryon looking like they could take on large roles as soon as week one, so it’s less dangerous right now with how folks are drafting.

Thats not a bad Idea, I think the first two rounds I usually go for the most stable players with consistency so I’ve tended to shy away from the more injury prone guys. thanks!

I actually think that might be the best route to take, and hopefully a decent RB can fall to me in the third. if not I might just have to target the later round guys like Kerryon and maybe Burkhead or Freeman (I’m pretty sure Kerryon and Burk are near 5th round tho). 0RB has worked for me pretty well in the past and with the uptick in everyone drafting RBs early it might be the way to go. Zig when everyone zags!

Zig indeed sir!

I don’t always advocate going ZeroRB, but if you can get Brown in the later half of the first round, then the hard part becomes talking yourself OUT of him. I won’t do it this year… especially if I’m at 6 or 7 and he’s there.

I wouldn’t go ZeroRB from the first 4 picks, but sometimes you gotta take what the draft gives you and it sounds like you might be able to use it to your advantage. Depending on when you draft, keep an eye on the Carson/Penny situation in addition to the Burkhead, Johnson type backs… if Penny falls far enough thanks to this injury, he could be CRAZY value. Rappaport reported he may miss a few weeks of regular season football, but Seahawks coaching staff suggesting he should be back by week 1. I like Penny if his value deflates… he WAS a first round pick for a team that didn’t need a back… just a thought.

I like the zero RB for the first 2 or 3 rounds here, depending on what falls to you of course. If a Stud RB (Bell, Gurley, Zeke, DJ) by some miracle falls to you then of course that’s the pick but AB paired with probably Allen or Adams also AJ Green has been there a lot, will give you a huge weekly positional advantage.

Also given the news on Baldwin’s knee niggle he has been dropping, i did zero RB from 6 in the same format in a mock and opened AB, Green, Baldwin which has risk if Baldwin is hurt but i’d have three top 10 WRs if not. You just have to be clever with the RB picks after that make sure you get guys who will play week 1, then upside guys like Penny who may well take a few weeks to be relevant.

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yup, there’s a handful of those guys… the disrespect for Lamar Miller is astounding. I get he’s not a top 10 RB anymore, but when I’m reading articles about how Alfred Blue is still around so watch out Miller I groan. Foreman is the back of the future but Miller isn’t going to just hand the keys over to him. He’s slimmed down and is in great shape, he’s still an above average receiver out of the backfield too… and he’s going as late as the 4th and 5th rounds in some drafts.

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Miller, Lynch, CJ etc are all the guys i was looking to grab when I go 3 or 4 straight WRs. Miller and Lynch feel like sneaky value, yes they wont set the world alight each week but they can grind you points while your stud WRs do work! Grabbing Kerryon, Penny and Aaron Jones if i can get 2 or all of them i’m happy as my upside guys you need to wait on.

I’m seriously considering zero RB for my main standard scoring league as the value is absurd but in standard the RBs are gone before you can blink. When would you switch in standard? I’m thinking round 4 or maybe 3 if the isn’t a clear tier break like Baldwin?

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Honestly, it really depends on the format and the guys/gals you draft with. In standard redrafts I’ve been swinging as late as the 6th on my first back and just riffing off that, but if you’re seeing backs go a little earlier than their ADP (which is a very real possibility with 8-9 of em going in the first 12 picks) then I’d be comfortable grabbing a back at 4.

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That makes sense, my league mates do generally covet the RBs and at least three will reach early on a QB usually in the third and top of the fourth so i’m sure there will be value to be had when two or three QBs go that early in one round.
I’m normally an RB guy and just swing on WRs later but its hard to turn done these top WRs, i mean i mocked with players not bots from the 12 spot and started OBJ / Julio - that feels like cheating! I’ll see how it unfolds on the day though, we draft after all preseason so i’m sure there will be more injuries etc to RBs that will alter the picture

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the last ZeroRB mock I did I grabbed Hopkins at 1.08 and OBJ at 2.03 and added Royce Freeman as my first back in the mid 6th.

I’ve made my bones on those middle to late round rookies in the past, and I feel this year Freeman and Johnson could be the top two rookie backs (not named Barkley of course).

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I think this draft in particular you’ll see a lot of backs fly off the board in the first couple of rounds, so the Zero-RB suggestion might be the best to go with to stack value and then hope the other guys aforementioned turn out. In the end it is all about roster construction and the team that scores the most points per week wins! It helps to have a stud RB but like we all know, Rbs do tend to get hurt and hopefully the later round guys can pan out to give 12-15 points a week. You can win a league with two RB2s.

Its great to get everyones opinion on the strategy because I prefer earlier or later picks because the variance of players when it’s your turn to pick is far less than the middle round picks. I guess time will tell and we’ll see what my league will hand me! It seems like everyone commenting on this thread has a very level head and is more fluid with draft strategy. Appreciate all the advice from you and @drfantasyblog!

edit: only bad part is that since the Guice injury and preseason rookies such as Kerrryon and Freeman are flying up draft boards, so guys like Lynch and Burkhead or even L Miller may be the way to go.


Every year the draft trends differently, and if it was more varied and even between backs and WR’s then I may not feel so good about the ZeroRB strat, but the argument for it is that by having two or three top 10 WRs, you have a position that will never be weaker than your opponent.

By going RB/WR you’re taking the chance that BOTH positions are weak if the 2nd/3rd round picks aren’t studs. It may seem like having two top 10 players, one at RB and one at WR equals out but in the end there’s something to be said about not having to fiddle with an entire position group. The strategy isn’t for everyone, and I typically avoid it like the plague, but this year it’s just such a superior strategy considering how easy it is to secure two top 5 WRs


For every guy in your league that’s following the daily fantasy news sites, there’s a guy drafting Ledarius Green because his book that was published 8 months ago has him listed as the #10 TE.

In expert leagues or dedicated, long running leagues, names like Freeman may jump up, but you’d be surprised how having an out of the box strategy can really dominate a home league.

Great point… there is always the people in the home league that take QBs in the third round and make picks that seem absurd. Maybe I’m giving my league too much credit because I think they put in the same amount of research I might, but i doubt half of them don’t hahaha

Agree, and as mentioned above you have to stay liquid in the draft as you have ideas and plans but you can only play what’s in front of you live.
Agree on the expert point too, you only need one or two guys who rarely follow news apart from default rankings and a quick look at the depth chart on the day to blow a draft wide open - in favour of people who plan, mock and research different approaches.

I think i’m doing the same thing and putting tons of research in! I won my league but from the wire and trades last year, my draft wasn’t great i was away for work and we had to re-schedule while i was in the airport before my flight. This year i want a better foundation to start with and these threads are helping a lot with the different takes - thanks guys!

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it’s cliche but it’s true; you can lose your league at the draft, but you win it with in season moves. I added Watson and Kamara early last year… flipped em both for assets and scored a butt load of points in the playoffs.

EDIT: It helped that I played the guy I flipped Kamara to the week he got concussed lol

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