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Draft Strategy - WR heavy?


Need some help here. I am in a 12 man PPR/1 point per 5 carry league where we trade draft picks. I have picks 8/9/10 in the first round as well as picks 45/66/71/89.

Thinking about taking Evans, Green, and Jordy there and taking value RBs later in the draft (2RB/2WR/FLEX). Based on league rumblings McCoy or Freeman might be there at 8 but not sure.

Confident in those WRs (or Michael Thomas if one of those three gets picked) and taking the RB values later or would you take an RB in there?



I could see taking 2 WRs in that position, but I don’t think the RB depth this season is strong enough to support waiting until pick 45 or later to add two to your roster. If you can get McCoy, Gordon, or Freeman, in one of those spots I think you’ll be better off.


Thanks for the input. I’ve looked at both scenarios and its probably a bit better roster wise to take an RB there. Having those three WRs is just so tempting to me! Lol


It is tempting, but you are looking at a 4th round running back compaired to a 4th round wr. Take crabtree there and you still have a great wr core. Get you a Melvin Gordon or something like that.


I wouldn’t discount the idea if going RB heavy. You can find PPR WRs much later, but 200+ carry, 50+ reception RBs would be extraordinarily valuable, and they are not common. Think about Devonta Freeman: 227 carries and 65 receptions last year. Based on your scoring format, that’s 110 points before you count yardage or touchdowns. Now compare that to a 4th round RB if your choice. The difference will almost certainly dwarf that between Evans/Green/Horry and say, Michael Crabtree (4th round WR).




Basically, for I think this scoring format actually makes the top RBs even more valuable, relative to WRs.


I have thought about that too, all options are on the table really. Freeman and Gordon would pair well with a top WR and other WRs later as well. Thanks for the input.


Yea, that would be a good group. One question which could make a difference: how many WRs do you HAVE to start? If it’s more than 2, that changes the equation a bit.


Roster format is 2RB/2WR/FLEX.


Then my thoughts above stand. 2 RB 3 WR changes the scarcity equation a bit, but you don’t have to worry about that.


Yeah I have a bit of flexibility with this roster format. Still debating what to do here with the draft Friday night. Thanks for the input!


No problem. Freeman, in particular, would be a big target for me in this format). Beyond that, an argument could easily be made for any if the second tier WRs/RBs.


I feel the same way now. After looking I think I will take at least one RB there for sure.


Glad I could help