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Draft strategyy


in a 1ppr 10 person 2 keeper league my keepers are evans for a 3rd and d. murray for a 6th. Would you look to early RB or WR or just take what the draft gives as it unfolds. All of the top tier RB’s are keepers besides mcoy and freeman


The answer to that question is almost always the same: take what the draft gives. You have an elite wr and rb as keepers; great way to start a draft. No reason to pigeonhole yourself, take the value and go from there.


Exactly what @Kaiser said. Let the draft come to you.


You should be able to get a pretty good idea of who you will get for your 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th picks. It’ll be rough, but you’ll have a good idea of what positions to take when. How?

Two options. Either print out the Top 200 of the UDK (top 100, really) or the pre-draft rankings of whatever site your league uses (Yahoo, ESPN, etc.). Ideally, I’d use the pre-draft rankings because your league mates will usually default to using this in the heat of the draft. Then use the UDK to better inform your own choices.

Step 2: Cross out all of the keepers in your league. This includes yours and those of your league mates. (Or a best guess for each team if you don’t know.) Looks like there’ll be 20 guys crossed out for your league.

Step 3: Count out where your draft picks will fall within the remaining players. Highlight or draw a line under each of your picks (1,2,4,5), being sure to take into account lost draft picks because of keepers (yours or other teams’).

Step 4: Step back and see what this gives you. Odds are you’ll find groups of positions clumped together. For instance:

  • In the UDK (full point ppr) you’ll see that between #22 and #34, there are 12 WRs and only 1RB. Whatever pick falls within there? Well, odds are very high (if you’re drafting for value) that you’re getting a WR there.

  • Meanwhile, UDK ranked #59-69 has 6 RBs and 2 QBs. If you are waiting to take QBs, then there’s a high chance you’re getting an RB there.

  • Maybe (taking into account keepers) those end up being your 2nd and 4th picks. Great, you’ve got 2RBs and 2WRs on your roster now. Then you can dig a bit deeper into your 1st and 3rd picks and make a best bet for those picks. The 1st pick should be pretty clear because those are the highest value guys remaining. The 3rd can then be whatever position (or highest value player) you’d be most comfortable with.

Obviously, none of that is an exact science, but you’ll get a pretty decent picture of what you’ll end up with.