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Draft thoughts


Just finished my draft and would like to know what you guys think. Its a 12 team 1/2 ppr, lemme know what yall think

QB-Bradford(I plan on streamng and he plays NO wwek 1)
TE McDonald
D- no D gonna pick one up before week 1
BN- Gore, Riddick, Ginn, Burkhead, Doctson, Hill, Golladay

Also i need to drop one by week 1 to pick up a defense, any thoughts on who it should be if no obvious answer shows up?


Solid. I am just not convinced about Lynch; I have not seen him play since the return.

I would drop Hill.


Pretty good! I would drop Hill too, maybe Riddick only because it’s PPR.


any specific reason on dropping Hill, hes still the starter and get redzone looks. Also why riddick? in ppr he has his most value i thought


I think it’s a solid team. There’s some concern at WR with the health of Alshon and if Dez will return to form (personally I think he will). I’m one of those that I don’t fully believe in Lynch yet (lingering back issues, being off for a year etc) but if he produces, his value will be incredible where people are drafting him. I like Maclin and Woodhead as your flex.

I think I’d drop one of your bench RB’s. Probably Burkhead if it was me. I’m just not convinced he’s gonna have fantasy production worth rostering him for. At least with the other guys you can play the matchups and hope for the best.

Good luck!