Draft Timer 12 team 14 rounds

Hello everybody,
my question is about the timer during Draft Day.

what do you think the timer should be for a 12 team 14 round draft? what is your experience about it. right now it is set to 2 minutes but keep in mind that not all owners get to draft day with an exact plan and 2 minutes could be too short.

I have no experience with slow drafts so if someone can explain to me plus and minus about it I would really appreciate it.

For my startup dynasty league we did no timer, draft took roughly a month, but we all had fun through group texts and app shenanigans.
For a dynasty league I highly recommend the above, since this is your forever team.
For redraft, 2 mins is fine. If people think it’s too long or short then change it up. I would suggest sending this question to your league mates so they can have a say.