Draft Timer

Hey, just curious… looking to improve the efficiency of my live draft pick to pick and thought I would see if you all use any apps or have methods that help people make their picks within the time frame set for each pick. Anyway let me know!! Thanks for reading!!

until this year i have only ever had 1 local live draft i do every year, what we do is a dick move and only can be done with people you know well enough. its just shaming really. you can take as long as you want, but youre going to get shamed after about 15 seconds lol. nothing like a room full of grown men complaining about wanting to go watch the royals (probably going to be something different this year… no one wants to watch the royals) and how you need to hurry your sorry ass up. and oh man, if you take a long time AND pick someone that has already been picked… the groans are worth it every time lol. its not effective, but its what FFB is about. shit talking for a season.

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