(Draft Today, 2pm est) One more spot left in an ESPN 1/2 ppr 12 team league for fun

We are reviving an ESPN league of mostly Europeans and Expats.
No buy in. Just for fun. All that we ask is that you field a team every week.
Here are the settings:
1/2 ppr, 1 qb, 2, rbs, 3 wrs, 1 te, 1 flex, dt, k, 6 bench and an ir spot. (There is a 5 rb roster limit.)
100 FAAB for waivers.
We hope to draft this Sunday.

We have 11 confirmed, so tentatively one spot left to make 12.

I’m neither European or an Expat (straight Midwesterner here), but I’m interested in joining.

Great. Midwesterners are more than welcome.

I’m in if there is still room, Londoner here…

Bonjour! I am in the USA and would be interested, but am curious when would the draft take place? Is there continental friendly time option?

Great, I’ll message you later. You too lwalt.

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Yeah, hopefully the draft will be Sunday around 2 or 3pm eastern time. You would be the 11th team, so we would need one more to make 12.

Sounds good. I understand if you can’t get a 12th and need to boot me to keep it 10. My email is peloar6464@gmail.com.

Okay, we see if one more will join.