Draft today. RB help

I’m drafting 10th in a 10 man league. I’m considering going RB RB for my first two picks. The guy in 9th is declaring that he will take Gronk 9th overall, so I’m likely to have the following as my options

Melvin Gordon
Dalvin Cook

Out of the 4, who are considered the true workhorses? I’m assuming Fournette is fine but Gordon could lose work to Ekeler, Hunt to Ware and Cook to Murray. Who should I take???

You have them written down in the order id pick them in, just stick with that.

Gordon & Fournette

I’d go Gordon and Fournette if you want workhorses. I personally would go Gordon and Hunt or Cook if it’s PPR. Cook has more of a chance being in a committee since he’s coming off a major injury. I don’t honestly think you could go wrong. You may want to consider going RB-WR as you will be waiting a long time and the stud WR’s will all most likely be gone. Gordon/Fournette and then OBJ/Hopkins. Either pair of RB/WR is a pretty good way to start.

gordon wont lose work to eckler, he is fine. people keep saying that every year and it keeps on not being true. he wont be out there 100% of the time, but even bell, gurley, zeke, and DJ get taken out from time to time. same goes for hunt and ware. hunt wont lose too many touches to ware. ill honestly be surprised if he even is on that team here soon. they have great, and more importantly, CHEAP depth at RB. i sniff a trade of ware. either way, even if he stays, its hunts job.

but to answer the actual question, gordon and fournette. i like all of these RBs. but gordon will be the last true elite workhorse back available, and fournette is knocking on that door as well if he stays healthy and gets the receptions to pair with his insane workload. im ok with any of them though, so long as the first one is gordon. pair any of them with gordon and you will be set at RB for the season.

I’m picking two RB because I think I can snag a WR 1 in the third. TY Hilton, Diggs, Cooper and Hill all have the potential. There are no RBs past Devonta Freeman that can give me RB 1 value. (Standard league)

It’s really hard to predict who’ll be left. If Beckham, Julio, or Hopkins are available I would pair one of them with Gordon. The top 15 of the draft seems so safe this year, it seems impossible to go wrong - but surely you can.

Got it! Then yes, my opinion is Fournette and Gordon. I did get Diggs in the 3rd last week (Superflex though). I think your strategy is sound and you know your league. Plus, tons of WR depth in later rounds. Moore, Ridley, Gallup, Mike Williams, Crabtree, Agholor, Crowder, Shepard et al whereas RB seems to tank after Hyde and the rookies.

Fournette & Gordon for sure!

I’m picking 9 and trusting to get Gordon and Fournette too. No love for CMC on these boards and I’m huge on him but I feel like it’s a wast at 9 or 12.
Hard to pass on odell and hopkins…

LOL to the first 2. Cook will definitely lose work to Murray on the goal line. I think Murray played himself into a role in that offense last year and they aren’t going to want to run Cook into the ground so could see a decent split there.

I rank RBs in the same order you have listed there though so would just go with that.

Gordon losing work to ekeler is a joke. Ekeler isn’t anything more than someone to let Gordon catch his breath. Same thing with Ware and Hunt.