Draft Tonight - Do you need to draft 2 QB and 2 TE?

12 Team Standard. Need to draft 2 QB and 2 TE or no ?

You absolutely DO NOT, and should not, need to draft 2 QB’s and 2 TE’s!

You can stream both positions, even in a 12 team league.

Now, could you choose to draft 2 QB’s or 2 TE’s, yes. But, I would advise against drafting a backup QB and TE at the same time.

If you feel you should, I would lean more toward 2 TE’s given the depth at QB.

Thanks man. Was thinking more COVID I guess to have 2 of both.

Good advice. Took Matt Ryan and Hurst and Hoekensen

QB not drafted - Mayfield , Cousins , Minshew, Darnold, Lock etc.

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