Draft tonight, I have 6th pick in a 10 team league, CMC may be available

It’s a 10 team half ppr, full point for first downs, and other bonus/custom scoring, like bonus points for 40 yard plays. It’s a money league too.

From what I’m hearing, there is a chance that CMC and Kamara will fall to me. I prefer taking Kamara but if he isn’t, should I take CMC even with Cam being injury prone or should I take Conner, DJ, Hopkins, Adams, or Julio? I’m planning on taking Kelce with my 2nd round pick if he’s there. Any advice is appreciated.

Thank you!

Can’t go wrong with CMC. Cam should be good to go week one and even if he isn’t, Rivera will lean heavily on CMC. I’m amazed that he would fall that far to you.

I would for sure go CMC if he falls to you. Even if Cam is injured CMC will still dominate like he did last year at the end of the season without Cam.