DRAFT TONIGHT THURSDAY 8/29 while watch last preseason games NEED OWNERS ASAP

**Alright gonna try to get this filled quick and have a draft during last pre season games tonight just another $5 auction so we can get some people who aren’t used to auctions. I’ll send mass invites out if we get close to filling. **

**If you haven’t done auctions and always wanted to this is perfect chance to do one for little buy in and play for something, if your a vet here’s a chance to play against new owners and take advantage of us. **

**Tonight Thursday August 29th **


**$5 AUCTION $200 spending budget **

**Best regular season record: $30 **

**1st place playoffs: $30 **


**12 Team **

1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1FLEX(WR,RB,TE) D/ST, K,


13 weeks regular season 7 Teams make playoffs with top seed 1st round bye

Leaguesafe payed right when we are full and majority vote for payouts to winners

Half full let’s keep em coming

send me info im interested

Send me info I’m down!

What’s email

What’s email?


Alright only 1 spot left

How do we pay?

Alright we have 1 not joined and no response so we need 1 more and we will be full payment due when joining

I just paid - Shawn Erceg

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Everyone’s payed we just need 1 for draft tonight. Who wants that last spot for someast pre season action?

me! email me ryanwangman@gmail.com

I’m in. Sthomas6@gmail.com how many spots left

Sent your invite once accepted I’ll send leaguesafe and due right away please. Thanks

If Ryan accepts and pays we are full otherwise your next in line

Send me info.