Draft Trade Advice 1

Would you guys trade the #1 spot in a 12 team standard snake draft for the #7 spot and get an extra 3rd round pick in exchange for a 5th round pick?

Essentially I’d be trying to trade Gurley and 5th rounder for Saquan/Kamara/Melvin Gordon and a 3rd rounder (would likely try to get an elite receiver in the second and take Howard/Mixon with the extra pick)?

What would your second pick # be if you make the trade?

I would probably make the trade, can still get an elite RB with the # 7 pick and the extra 3rd is nice. Especially if guys like Howard and Mixon are available in the 3rd round…

I would see if you can give up a later pick then 5th though. Those are my thoughts.

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I’d do it! Plug it in to a sleeper.app draft board and it will let you mock draft it. Lots of good talent in the 3rd

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The way its been shaking out I get saquon/kamara in the first and micheal thomas/keenan allen/devante adams/aj green in the 2nd and then mixon/howard in the third and then I go best available for that next 3rd rounder since theres a lot of talent, sometimes its TY hilton, sometimes mixon falls or amari cooper is there as well.
I don’t really adhere to draft rankings I just kind of draft who I want esp. if I think they won’t make it back

And it would be 3.1 and 3.7 so the very first pick of the 3rd round thats why I’m almost guaranteed to get mixon/howard there