Draft Trade Advice

so In one of my league’s I play in every year is 4 person league and I traded my 8th and 9th round picks for a 2nd round pick. Should I change my draft strategy to accommodate not having 2 mid round picks or just be happy with getting a star player?

In a 4 man league? That means at worst you get 3 top 8 players. I’m taking that over what would end up being something like 2 4th round guys. You can always fill your bench with some waiver guys cause there will be plenty of quality starters there. Those big names are way too valuable to pass up. If anything I’m getting myself 3 RBs with those three early picks. Be easier to find good WRs later.

i also play in a 4 man league and i would pick at least 2 rb’s. depends on scoring Format. probably i would take gronk in round 2 if i have the Chance to get a rb or wr from the same tear…