Draft trade? CMC!

I am in a 12 team keeper league…we can keep up to 2 players. You lose the round where you drafted your keeper up to I believe the 8th round (if you’re keeping lets say a sleeper you drafted in the 12th…you would end up losing an 8th for him). I have the first pick of the draft. My two keepers were going to be Josh Allen and CMC, so obviously losing the 1st pick I have anyways.

Was offered by someone who I believe has the 9th pick in the draft:
His 2nd pick, 1st and 3rd of the following year…for CMC

Not sure if to roll with CMC or gamble and take his offer. Any help appreciated!

Yeah, that’s kind of a tough one. So you’ll give up CMC and not have another pick until #16 overall–minus any other teams’ keepers? Or do you get to trade him before you designate him as a keeper–and still get to keep your 1st round pick?

The former is pretty steep if you have any chance of being competitive this year. If you’re rebuilding for next year anyway, then yeah, the extra 1st and 3rd next year would come in pretty handy–but I’d still probably lean against it.

Now if you get to trade him before the designation and keep your #1 overall pick for this year too, then I’d probably lean toward it.

Who’s your 2nd keeper if not CMC?

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So I would lose the 1st round pick giving it to him…and not be able to pick until 2nd round. On top of that, just realizing the guy would have 2 picks in the first round. So just with that, I’m already leaning against. I mentioned there would be no way I would not get his pick in the 1st round. CMC would be my keeper so If I do trade with the guy, I obviously can’t label him my keeper and he would prob pick him up since I have the 1st pick.

Another question now…since I do have the 1st pick, I don’t have to label him a keeper and I could essentially let him go and go with another keeper since I’m gonna get him 1st either way. I’m keeping Josh Allen as of now, but my other choices are DJ Chark, Kareem Hunt and Adam Thielen. I would be losing a 5th round for Hunt, an 8th rd on Chark and I would have to look up Thielen bc I got him on a trade.


My guess is that Thielen won’t come very cheaply, since he was drafted as the WR1 for his team last year, before Jefferson broke out. A fifth round pick for Hunt in a 12 teamer is probly fair market value, but I’d guess you would be able to draft someone better with that pick, given that it would be the first pick of the fifth round.

So while it was a good idea to keep another player and just draft CMC #1 anyway, you don’t really have a second player worth keeping at their cost (at least among those you named). You might as well just keep CMC and Allen.

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