Draft trade help

I have the 8th pick in my redraft league standard. I have a keeper I’m allowed. I’m keeping Lamar Jackson.

I am being offered 1.04 for my 1.08 and 8.08 pick?

Not sure if I should do it. I can get a top 4 RB, but I’m okay with taking someone like Aaron Jones or Drake in my first two rounds cause I got Lamar.

Should I bother taking this trade and get someone like dalvin cook or Derick Henry and give up my 1.08 and 8.08

Or should I also ask for his 8.01 or a different round? Wanna make the right decision.

If you don’t feel you need to get one of the top RB’s then I would stay put at the 1.08. There is still going to be plenty of good WR’s with upside in the 8th that you would miss out on giving up the 8.08 as well.